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State Electric carries a full line of US Electrical Motors. Some of the products we carry include:

US Electrical AC Motors

NEMA Horizontal

  • Single Phase Motors
  • Three Phase Open Dripproof (ODP) Motors
  • Three Phase Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motors
  • Three Phase Special Application Motors

TITAN® AC Motors

  • TITAN® ODP and WPI Enclosures
  • TITAN® Pre-Engineered Lube Oil Systems
  • TITAN® Sleeve Bearing
  • TITAN® Totally Enclosed Tube Cooled
  • TITAN® Horizontal Sleeve Bearing
  • TITAN® II ODP/WPI Enclosures
  • TITAN® II WPII Enclosures
  • TITAN® Line Vertical Motors Sample Specification
  • TITAN® Motors Engineered in ISO 9001 Certified Process

US Motors Vertical AC Motors

  • Calculating Thrust Capacity
  • Energy Smart Datasheet
  • Features, Special for High Thrust Verticals
  • High Thrust Vertical Motors
  • Holloshaft® Coupling Index
  • Holloshaft® Weather Protected I
  • Inverter Duty Verticals
  • Oil Capacities of Vertical Motors
  • Premium Efficient Vertical Motors
  • Sample Specification-TITAN Line Vertical Motors
  • Snowmaster™
  • Steady Bushing for Vertical Holloshaft Motors
  • Special Features for High Thrust Verticals
  • Thrust & Radial Load Design
  • Thrust Rating
  • Typical Pump Application Description
  • Types & Construction for Vertical Motors
  • Vertical High Thrust Motors
  • Vertical Holloshaft® Weather Protected I
  • Vertical Solidshaft
  • Vertical Drives Application
  • Vertical Motors: VHS vs. VSS
  • Vertical Motor Accessories

Inverter and Vector Duty Motors

  • Premium & Energy Efficiency Motor Use on Inverters
  • Premium Efficient Inverter Duty, Type CTI
  • 841 PLUS® with Inverter Duty
  • Inverter Duty - Vertical Motors
  • Hostile Duty Non-Ventilated (CTNX-CTNI) 30:1 CT/Vector
  • Hostile Duty Blower Cooled (CTX-CTBI) 30:1 CT/Vector
  • Hostile Duty (CTI) Inverter Duty 10:1 VT/5:1 CT
  • Hostile Duty (CTI) Inverter Duty 10:1 CT
  • Dripproof (DI-RI) Inverter Duty 10:1 VT/5:1 CT
  • Unimount (UTI) Inverter Duty 10:1 VT/5:1 CT

Operation and Maintenance Information

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals
Applying US Motors on Adjustable Frequency Drives

Dimension Prints

Nema Rated Motors
DC Motors
IEC Frame Motors
Close Coupled Pump Shaft Dimensions

US Motors Connection Diagrams

Single Voltage

Wye Only
Part Winding Start (Wye Only)
"Y" Start: "Delta" Run

Dual Voltage

"Y" Start: "Delta" Run (12 Leads) **Most Common**
Star Y
Part Winding Start (Wye Only)
Y-Delta (6 Leads)


Constant Torque (One Winding)
Variable Torque
Constant Horsepower
One Wye (Two Winding)

US Motors/Emerson Frequenty Asked Questions

Proper Motor Lubrication
Improper Belting – How to identify and correct
Alignment Basics – Part One
Alignment Basics – Part Two
Winding Failures – Which are covered under Warranty?
Shaft Voltage/Current – Causes and Prevention
Internal Condensation – Causes and Prevention – Space Heaters Trickle Voltage
Winding Thermal Protection – Effects of Excess Temperature, Thermostats, and RTD's
Wye Start/Delta Run 101
Reversing the Direction of Rotation on TEFC Motors
Cooling Tower Guide